In Zhytomir during the road works there was discovered an ancient dungeon

In Zhytomir during the road works on Bol'shaya Berdichevskaya Street they found an ancient dungeon. The tunnel was discovered after the excavator fell through it, reported the local newspaper with reference to the message of Valery Arushanyan, the citizen of Zhytomir on his page in Facebook.

According to Roman Nasonov, Director of Zhytomir Regional Lore Museum, the bricks, which the walls of the tunnel are fortified with, by typology resemble those in the monastic cells of the Jesuit monastery of XVI - XVII centuries. At the same time, Georgiy Mokritskiy, a local lore specialist, believes that the tunnel is a domestic underpass. Also, It is noted that about the dungeon nobody had known before. The area around the discovered dungeons is fenced now.

Sergey Sukhomlin, mayor of Zhytomir, promises that the dungeon will not be filled in, but for the winter period the entrance to it will be put into mothballs lest the moisture should get inside. "Probably, this is the first dungeon that opened in the downtown, and we should ituse to the maximum for attracting tourists to Zhytomir town. Like the way it is done in Europe - they do glass floor, perhaps, part of the sidewalk we will have under glass, and people will be able to pass and see this dungeon under themselves. It would be right," he said.



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