VIDEO: the searchers found a well-preserved T-34-76

The vehicle has been under the water for 72 years.

In Voronezh region from the Don river's bottom the searchers pulled out a tank T 34-76. As reports ,until now historians believed that preserved samples of this model no more existed. The military denied the allegation by pulling ashore a 30-ton armored vehicle clogged with silt up to the tower. Unique in its kind. 

The condition of the tank they call almost perfect. Experts say that not only a complete external restoration is possible, but also the recreation of all technical equipment. According to local residents, in 1942, while crossing the Don, the "thirty forth" fell off the pontoon bridge across the river. This version is confirmed by the findings of divers. On the 7-meter depth, near the tank, they also found the sunken pontoons. 

T 34-76 was assembled in Stalingrad tractor plant. The last unit of this model came off the assembly line in August 1942. 

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