Verkhovna Rada opened the exhibition of the things of the Ukrainian fighters deceased in the ATO zone

In the lobbies of the Verkhovna Rada they introduced a project "Checkpoint of memory". In the boxes from shells there are the things handed over by the relatives, friends and colleagues of the deceased heroes in the ATO zone. In every showcase there is a photo of the soldier.

For the project a part of the things was provided by the volunteers who have participated since 2014 in "Evacuation-200" and "Black Tulip" search missions.

The volunteers worked at the territories which are uncontrolled by Ukraine at the moment — Saur-Mogila, Ilovaisk, Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo, and at the forefront positions of our army. Each thing from those brought from the territory of the armed hostilities, each photo is unique.

This is the evidence of a large-scale crime in the history of modern Ukraine.



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