“Union “People's Memory“ shares the documents for studying the tragedy of “Zelionaya Brama“

Archival materials, found a few years ago, will help recreate the events of the year of 1941.

From the 29th till 30th of September in Kropivnitskiy town there was held an all-Ukrainian scientific conference “Zelionaya Brama. Summer of the year of 1941. Heroism and tragedy of the 6th and 12th armies“.

As one can see from the title of the event, the conference was dedicated to the practical destruction of two armies of the Southwestern Front and separate units of the southern front of the Red Army.

To shed light on the events of those terrible years there gathered historians and local lore specialists from different regions of Ukraine and near abroad. Among the guests there were the relatives of the direct participants of fierce fighting.

According to Yaroslav Zhylkin, Chairman of NGO “Union "People's Memory, who took part in the conference, in the near future searchers might have a new scope of work on “Zelionaya Brama“.

At this event we presented a whole array of written sources which are dated August 1941. They all relate to the events of “Zelionaya Brama“. In total, these are about ten thousand documents. They were all collected as far back as in 2013 thankfully to perseverance of our searchers. We agreed with all interested individuals about the beginning of common work on the study of these documents. I am very glad that there are professionals and like-minded people who are ready to conduct deep research with us. Undoubtedly, in the result of this research, we will receive a new front for practical work with the aim of perpetuating the memory of those who deceased in those distant times and still are not buried by all the canons and traditions'', said Yaroslav Zhylkin.

All-Ukrainian scientific conference “Zelionaya Brama. Summer of the year of 1941. Heroism and tragedy of the 6th and 12th armies“ was held by the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kirovograd regional state administration, Kirovograd Regional Council and Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after Vladimir Vinnichenko.


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