Under the slogan of Mayakovskiy it's prepared the opening of "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Military-Memorial Expedition

Well, what to say... The searchers of Union People's Memory had not even time for coming to themselves after two summer expeditions when it was time to get ready for the next one - near Kharkiv. It's like in the song "Not a minute of rest...".

A group of our pioneering explorers as always, went earlier to the venue of the expedition (Ivanivka village, Barvinkove district), to prepare the camp for the arrival of all participants.

For the whole night we were painting the walls ... in the distant 1960

Discussion of action plan on the camp's beautification

"I honestly did my best! No one will take umbrage?"

"..one should, one should wash in the morning and evening! Shame on you, unclean searchers!" In short, the building of field "Moydodyr".

That one who works – eats!

Who's a cat that one eats too!

Checking the working locations of the expedition

Sleight of hands and no fraud – just for a day the searchers have built all "facilities" needed for comfortable temporary stay at the watch. There is just a little left– to wait for all colleagues and friends and to get down to favorite occupation– search!

From 23rd till 29th September 2017 in Ivanivka village (Barvinkove district of Kharkiv Region) Union People's Memory NGO will conduct "Barvinkove encirclement -1942"​ Search Military-Memorial Expedition.

The expedition is dedicated to the Kharkiv defensive operation 1942 which ended in the encirclement of the Red Army troops in Barvinkove district ("Barvinkove encirclement"). Then there were killed and captured 270 thousand Soviet soldiers, many of whom were the Ukrainians. It's from the defeat near Kharkiv that began a rapid advance of the German troops to the Volga and Caucasus, ended in the battle of Stalingrad.

There are planned works on search of unknown burial sites of the Second World War, examination and study of discovered engineering objects, reburial of the fallen soldiers' remains. Thousands of them are still waiting untill the searchers come and burry them with military honors.

The works, as usual, will be carried out using methodics of archaeology, criminalistics and geophysics. Union People's Memory sets the aim of creating the industry with the title сonditional title "Archaeology of wars".

The representatives of tens of organizations from all over Ukraine, which are the members of Union People's Memory NGO, will take part in the expedition. "Barvinkove encirclement -1942"All-Ukrainian Expedition is supported by the Ukrainian State Service for War Veterans and the ATO participants.

To take part in the expedition are invited journalists of Ukrainian mass media!

Union People's Memory NGO will provide mass media representatives with food and accommodation, the matter of travel compensation is under consideration.    For additional information, please call:


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