For two years of ATO the volunteers of “Black Tulip” have taken away 800 bodies of the deceased from Donbass

For two years the representatives of “Black Tulip” humanitarian mission have taken 800 bodies of the deceased from the conflict zone in Donbass.

About this on air of “Hromadske.TV” said Vladimir Dorofeyev, Deputy head of “Black Tulip” humanitarian mission.

“For today we have evacuated 800 bodies from the ATO zone. There is meant with those ones we took away from the forefront,” he said. According to him, from the temporarily uncontrolled by Ukraine territory of Donbass the volunteers have taken away 300 bodies.

“We have taken away about 300 bodies or maybe a little bit more because we had brought the fragments of the bodies. So the exact figure is difficult to say,” said Dorofeyev.

Also he noted that at the moment most unfound graves were at the territory which is temporarily controlled by self-declared LPR, as the occupied territories of Donetsk region the volunteers managed to explore to a greater extent.

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