They found a plane. The crew was in it

The searchers of Union People's Memory NGO found in Zhytomyr Region the plane deceased during the Second World War. In it there were also found the remains of the crew. The process of raising a combat vehicle its crew continues.

The discovery was preceded by a long search in the remote swampy area. Therefore, by using an excavator-dragline, the searchers get swamp muck – carefully checking for the presence of the plane's fragments or the remains of the crew. By a pomp they gradually pump out the water from the excavation site, examining with a probe and a detector its bottom and sides.     

At the moment there were discovered large parts of the fuselage, radio compass, pressure gauge, oxygen tank... The searchers suppose that they got to the tail of the plane. They found human remains that likely belonged to the arrow-radio operator of the deceased crew.

Invaluable assistance in the search expedition provide the locals with their information, and technics, which provided Kamianske Farming Firm Ltd.

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