There were found the remains of the deceased Soviet and German soldiers

Day №4 of search expedition “Liberation of Krivbass 1944-2016” (08.08.2016).

Morning for the camp's residents began traditionally, with the dawn. Everybody woke up with an overwhelming desire to absorb in his work in full.This is because, at the evening meetings our supervisor announced that the information about the remains of the soldiers found by the locals in one of the forest belts of the district, has finally been confirmed. The only bitterness of this news was that at this place a few years ago have already worked “black diggers”.

Having overcome an uneasy path, we finally reached this location. Having made our way through the bushes in front of us there opened a terrible picture.What we saw, even according to experienced searchers who have been working for more than one year at Memory Watches and in ATO zone with “Evacuation 200” (“Black Tulip”) was out of the usual framework of adequacy and common sense: digged out because of greed for gain trenches with obvious signs of the non-extracted remains.It was not even surprise, but irritation and anger that overflown everyone of us when we saw laid out in the shape of a pyramid almost six skulls with other bones and the remnants of army shoes.

Their disgusting “contribution” to the search activity and people's memory commemoration “black diggers” constantly make. For the enrichment of private collections and gain on death, they are engaged in looting. With nothing sacred at heart, they damage the remains, throw away and scatter them along the surface as if it was some kind of garbage.

The next already double shock for everyone became the following findings. During careful examination of the soil there were found Soviet buttons from greatcoats and soldier's blouses and the fragments of leather army shoes of a soldier of Red Army. Our searcher-anthropologist Yuriy Anatoliyevich during the examination of the remains has made his own conclusion: in the excavation site there were the remains of 10 soldiers, two of whom are not in complete anatomic anatomic continuity. The ugly truth: those who should be thankful for the right to live, denigrate the memory and remains of those who defended it.

This location is not completely closed yet, there is still a lot of work and at the other places. The work of the other search groups today has given the results too. In two craters from explosions there were found four German soldiers with badges and their personal things. In the other one, already at the positions of Red Army were the remains of two our soldiers.

For each of those who are currently taking part in Memory Watch, this is a long-awaited unique which is second to none in Ukraine. All the participants of this Memory Watch share a common aspiration, that is, to find and exhume all the combatants of that war, to return their lost names. Working together, the searchers from the whole country have already become just like one integral unit. One day strangers became near and dear ones, who are always ready to give a helping hand to their fellow man.

The inhabitants of the neighboring villages also continually support the searchers and thank for their work, from time to time doing welcome surprises such as homemade food, a simple word of encouragement, and sincere smiles. It encourages and gives more strength for further work.

We know that tomorrow there will be new discoveries and, of course, interesting news for you.

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