There were found the remains of 8 soldiers and a military medal

Day №5 of All-Ukrainian search military-memorial expedition “Liberation of Krivbass”

Our expedition is going on. A new day started with already traditional waking up with sunrise. Then quick preparation of the searchers, check-up of search devices and, of course, already familiar acquaintance with the rules of work at the open area and basic security measures. 

Finally, the crews are ready, and we moved on. While minibus is overcoming  impassable roads, the searchers are holding conversations between one other, discuss previous findings, share work experience, not only in peacetime, but also in ATO zone. Thankful listeners are enough, our young searchers are constantly taking interest in such trips and ask their questions. We talk not only about the war. Each of us tells his life stories, shares experience and anecdotes and funny events that had happened before we met.   

 Already when working at the chosen area, our group has finally received a long-awaited piece of news. There took place the verification of the information provided by the locals regarding sanitary burial in one of the search areas. At the place of the former German blindage there were discovered two bags with the remains which were almost on the surface. When further examining the soil, we found the remnants of charred paper, metal and plastic buttons, a lighter, the remnants of a comb and a razor blade. 

But today fortune has smiled upon us - among all of these findings, we suddenly came across a bar from the Soviet medal. It was clear that one should search it among the remains. There started work on their sorting. We did not believe our own eyes when among the contents of the first bag, in one of the skulls we found a medal. When further and detailed examining it turned out to be Medal For Battle Merit. Emotions were running high, we were happy just like children, since, we understood great importance of this event. With help of the number on the reward, we will be able to identify the name of the soldier and restore the destiny of his fellow men who are also considered deceased or missing. At last, we will be able to return the relatives their grandfather, great-grandfather or even grandmother, because there is the probability that among the victims there will be a woman.  According to preliminary examinations, among the findings there were the remnants of women's shoes of size 36 and, in all probability, a handkerchief. We hope that thankfully to the found medal, at least one name will be identified and the reward will be returned to the relatives of the Hero or Heroine who laid down his or her life for the sake of our future.  

Thankfully to the professionalism of Yuriy Anatoliyevich, our searcher-anthropologist, it became clear that the found remains belonged to 7 deceased soldiers. 

By the other search group at the field there were also found the remains of the Soviet serviceman who deceased during the shelling, holding a PPSh submachine gun (pistolet-pulemyot Shpagina). Unfortunately, this soldier will stay nameless. There were not discovered any things that could help in his identification. We keep up our work and believe that tomorrow there will be a good day too. 

For reference: Current Memory Watch “Search expedition “Liberation of Krivbass 1944-2016” started on the 5th of August and is held under the auspices of NGO “Union “People's Memory”. Those who are searching for “pieces of news from the past” are 60 persons. Among them are 27 school children from Krivoy Roh, the Department of the search organization “Poisk Dnepr”, the representatives of Kiev search party “Obelisk”, as well as several members of the current war in the East of our country.

 Watch our “Diary of expedition”. Until next time! 

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