There was launched a new online-service - "Report of a burial site"

The staff of the all-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" calls everybody to report about of unknown or forgotten burial sites of victims of world wars, civil conflict and political repression.

For many years we have been searching for the deceased and returning from oblivion their names.

We believe that the citizens of Ukraine are not indifferent to the fate of people who deceased during those difficult years of our history and are open for cooperation with all who share our principles: political apathy and the legitimacy of search activity, scientific cooperation with the government in the domain of search and perpetuation of memory of victims of wars and political repression.

From today you can provide us the information on the supposed places of burial of the soldiers of the First and Second World Wars, victims of civil conflicts and political repression; places where, to your knowledge, can be military equipment, ammunition, using the ONLINE-service "Report of a burial site". In the special rubric, having filling in the relevant fields on the map, it is possible not only to specify a supposed place, but also to submit all additional information.

Our searchers will compulsory and carefully check your message what we will definitely notify you about.

Adding the information does not require registration and identification. One should just fill in contact information, and having chosen the corresponding marker on the map (top left), one can designate a sector of the terrain where, supposedly, there is a burial site.

Earnest request: in the field Description, please, give full details where you have this information from, if there is any documentary evidence (what exactly), if there is any more witnesses.

All provided data will be of strictly confidential character and without the author's permission will not be published, it is used by nobody, but our searchers.

We will be very grateful for providing truthful information.

NGO "Union "People's Memory"



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