There opened an International Memory Watch in the Carpathians

Diaries of search military-memorial expedition “International Memory Watch “Cheremkha-2016” (“the Carpathians – 2016”). Day 1.

The opening of Memory Watch began with a general command “Get up!”and a quick breakfast. Then about 70 participants of the expedition lined up in front of the command staff, there took place a solemn raising of the flag and the performance of Ukraine's anthem.. 

The participants of the Memory Watch were greeted by Evgeniy Kukoverov, Head of the expedition. He briefly told the back story of the Watch, reconnaissances which had been conducted before, and also he set tasks for the first day of work and informed about the daily routine. All the searchers were divided into 5 field groups and sent to work locations.

The next floor had Alexandr Guz', commandant of the field camp. He payed special attention of the expedition participants to the rules of conduct in the field camp and proper ensuring its life activity. 

About the rules of conduct in the mountains and safety rules said Dmitriy Semenchuk, the representative of State emergency service of Ukraine.

At the end of the opening's ceremony the searchers signed in logbooks on safety rules.

The leadership of the expedition gathered in the headquarters for discussing an action plan. Because during the reconnaissance which had been before the Watch, there have already been determined key positions of the search at mount Kukul, and under the ridge of the mount there were found the remains of two soldiers of the First World War disturbed by the current marauders; numerous artifacts of the armed hostilities. That's why the main tasks of the works were predetermined in advance, as far back as at the stage of preparation for the expedition .

The rest of the searchers had half an hour to prepare: to wear comfortable clothes, to prepare a first-aid kit and search tools. “Kitchen team” gave “meal to go” to each of the groups. Everybody received bottles with water, raincoats and gloves. 

Search operations began almost immediately, some groups found the first artifacts of the Great War.

However, since 12 p.m. in the afternoon there started pouring Carpathian rain and the search operations had to be stopped.

The interesting fact is that in two kilometers from the camp where worked one of 5 search groups, there was no rain at all. 

While all the residents of the camp were saving their tents and things from the rain, the group which had a good luck to avoid it was able to carry out its tasks. 

The rain continued till evening, and in such conditions the searchers were not easy. At some moment it even seemed that confusion and helplessness had come over us, but optimism of more experienced searchers helped the other participants to overcome fear. The dinner made everyone leave the tents, but the rain has not stopped yet. So the searchers quickly ate and returned to their sleeping bags which were hardly warm. 

At 8 p.m., as usual, at the headquarters there took part a meeting of heads of the search groups. There were summed up the results of search operations for the day, discussed the plans for the next one.  

This evening differed from the previous one. The first day of the expedition, so uneasy and at the same time overfilled with adventures, will be retained in our searchers' memory for a long time. 


22 – 28 August, 2016 within the administrative boundaries of such urban-type settlements as Kosov, Verkhovyna, Vorokhta of Ivano-Frankovsk region, urban-type settlement of Yasinia of Transcarpathian region and in the area of the ridge of mount Kukul NGO “Union “People's Memory” is holding a search military-memorial expedition “International Memory Watch “Cheremkha-2016” which is dedicated to the centenary of the battle for the Carpathian passes. The event is hold with the support of the State service of Ukraine for veterans of war and participants of anti-terrorist operation in partnership with Ivano-Frankovsk and Transcarpathian regional state administrations.  

Under the auspices of NGO “Union “People's Memory” in search operations are involved: AYOS “Obelisk”, SS “Obelisk” (Glukhov town), ARMHH “Platzdarm”, HSO “Search-Dnieper” (Dnieper city), HSO “Search-Dnieper” (Krivoy Rog city), MHC “Kakhovka”, LRHEA “Makovka-Brody”, PO “Search-West”, “Volyn antiquities”, etc. 

During the expedition there are planned works on search of unknown places of burial during the World War I, studying and examination of the discovered objects, the exhumation of the remains of the deceased servicemen, a solemn burial of the remains in specially designated memorial areas, exchange of experience and strengthening cooperation of search organizations of Ukraine. Besides, there will be the restoration of the military cemetery at mount Kukul which is connected with the events of 1916. Besides Ukraine, the centenary of the World War I which is also called Great is celebrated by commemorative events in the countries whose citizens participated in the armed hostilities during the World War I (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland). 


Additional information: +38 093 757 7565 or +38 050 974 83 41. 



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