There is hope to identify 35 soldiers by service record book of the Red Army's soldier

As far back as in December 2015 the activists of "Search-Dnieper", conducting a reconnaissance near the village of Vysokoyoe Pole in Dnepropetrovsk region, came upon a piece of the pipe from the potbelly stove which was on the field surface. Most likely, the potbelly stove was in the blindage, therefore, under the ground there could be the remains of soldiers.

The searchers wanted to start the excavation in spring, but the farmers said that at first there should be harvest. The field was planted and it is no sooner than after harvesting sunflower at the end of September, that the searchers were able to get down to work.

Within three days, the group "Search-Dnieper" found a mass grave of 35 soldiers of the Red Army. The villagers remember that at that place in 1944 fierce fighting has continued for more than a month. The aim of the Soviet troops was to break through the German line of defense, and the enemy desperately defended.

After 72 years from the deceased soldiers there left nothing, but the skeletons and the remnants of the shoes. It seemed that to identify them was impossible.

"Among the remains of one of the soldiers there proved to be a service record book of the Red Army's soldier, which has preserved very well. It should contain all the data about the soldier what will allow to find his family. Moreover, by the data in the document, one can identify all the deceased. Of course, if at that time archiving was done in good faith'', said Victoria Simkina, the activist of the group "Search-Dnieper", to KP v Ukraine.

The important finding was not opened yet lest it should fall apart from old age. This will be done by specially trained experts of "Search-Dnieper".


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