Solemn reburial of the fighters against Nazism will be held on the eve of the Victory Day

May 6th at 12:00 the Memorial complex in Maryanivka village   (Vasilkiv district, Kyiv Region), in the framework of the Ukrainian watch "Memory of Kyiv Region", there will be held solemn reburial of 19 soldiers fallen in the battles with Nazi invaders.

They deceased in July, 1941 at the outskirts of the village, when defending the far routes of approach to the city of Kiev. In April 2017, the soldiers were found by the searchers of Obelisk AYSO (Union People's Memory NGO) during the expedition.    

The reburial ceremony will be attended by the representatives of local authorities, relatives of the deceased whose names were managed to identify (from Chechnya and Ukraine), the searchers of Union People's Memory NGO, the students of Ivan Bohun Kyiv Military Lyceum and members of veteran organizations.

For more information contact by phone: 068 20 15 506

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