Shuklin field keeps the graves of soldiers

Last year, in autumn Platzdarm went to conduct searches at the altitude of 199.5 known as Shuklin field located between Dolina and Bohorodychne villages of Sloviansk district. The aim of the visit was to find the soldiers fallen in action at this border-line in the years of the Great Patriotic War no matter whether these are  soldiers of the Red Army or the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. From the equipment we had a Garrett 2500 metal detector with deep frame, a search probe and shovels. In addition there were facilities for the exhumation that should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the Red Cross, namely, brushes, knife for clearing the remains, different brushes, tags, measuring rule, compass etc.


Upon arrival at the place, one of us started the search with a metal detector, and the rest of the group's participants began examining the field with the aim of discovering surface bones or spent cartridges. This work immediately gave results and there was discovered a fragment of a human bone.

This place was immediately examined with a metal detector and soon there appeared a signal. As it turned out - it was a broken German machine MP-40, and beneath were remains of fallen soldiers.

It was impossible to understand at once who it was, but in the process of clearing it was found that the remains belonged to the soldiers of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, they were 6 people.

The works on the exhumation lasted for several days and additionally it was established that these victims of the Second World War were buried in the German trench, as evidenced by spent cartridges from the Mauser K98 carbine.

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