Searchers of "Search-Dnieper" squad found the remains of 10 soldiers

Reconnaissances with the aim of search of unburied remains of the soldiers who deceased during the Second World War in the area of Vysokoyoe Pole village of Dnepropetrovsk Region have been conducted already not for the first year. In September 2016, not far from the village, our volunteers of "Search-Dnieper" squad (NGO "Union "People's Memory") managed to find and exhume the remains of 35 soldiers of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army. The searchers knew that the works would not be over here. After all, according to the archival data and stories of local old-timers, in the area of Vysokoe Pole and other nearby villages there were fierce battles during the Second World War. The probability of finding a lot of "forgotten" soldiers is very large, so the searchers decided not to waste time, and before the beginning of winter conduct a thorough reconnaissance of the remaining unexplored territory.

In the result of painstaking archival work and queries of "Union "People's Memory" to the National Archives of the United States, one managed to receive the photos of the area of Krivoy Rog district which were taken by the German aerial photography in 1942. In them one can see clearly the German positions: trenches and blindages.

Having pictures on hand, the members of "Search-Dnieper" decided to change the tactics of reconnaissance. Thanks to them, it was easier to find a necessary location. Before one had to walk with a metal detector along the territory of the whole field, hoping to come across a strong signal, but now the participants of the expedition, in the first place, went on the "tips" of the aerial photography. Photos greatly narrowed the area of search, so the work was quicker and more effective.

Since 12th November there started another expedition. This time, the territory of searches represented a triangle between the villages of Zelyonoyoe Pole, Vysokoyoe Pole and Novopokrovka.

Right in the first days of search there were found the remains of 6 soldiers – 5 soldiers of the Red Army and one soldier of the Wehrmacht. The searchers had a good luck: at the deceased German there proved to be a personal identification tag.

November 20, 2016, in one of the trenches there were found and exhumed the remains of 4 soldiers of the Red Army. The fragments of personal things of the soldiers pointed to their belonging to the Red Army.

One of the deceased soldiers was found with the fragments of the PPSh machine gun. The soldier shot back from the enemy to the last...

An interesting discovery proved to be an anti-tank rifle. It was found near the remains of other soldier.

During the works, there was also found a lot of ammunition that the searchers handed over to the local State Emergency Service.

For two weeks of searches, by the members of "Search-Dnieper" there have been exhumed 10 soldiers. The searchers are sure that there are still a lot of deceased servicemen who lay in the land of Krivoy Rog district. Unfortunately, because of the coming cold weather, it will soon be difficult to conduct works. But reconnaissances, as long as the weather allows, will continue in order to come back for the rest of the soldiers when spring begins.


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