Searchers of Poltava Region conducted the first field reconnaissances

Despite the changeable and rather unwelcoming weather, the participants of Union People's Memory NGO are intensively carrying out field trips and numerous reconnaissances. It seems, nothing will stop them before work in new search season. After all, there are still so much remains of unfound deceased soldiers, so many unique findings keep the lands of Ukraine.

Memorial Orzhytsya District Public Organization  (Orzhytsya, Poltava Region) is not sitting idle either. Their season began with the reconnaissance on the territory of Denisivka village, Orzhytsyai district. The search was conducted by the steps of the  armed hostilities of the Second World War. Unfortunately, the remains of the deceased soldiers were not managed to find. But searchers did not leave with "empty hands".

They managed to find several artifacts, the most interesting of which was a pot. Not at once did its "value" become clear. Only after the searchers washed the pot from adhering soil, on its walls one could notice scrawled initials Pavlov A.G.

It is still unknown whether a thing belongs to the Soviet soldier who deceased long time ago, whether to the soldier who survived in those terrible battles of the Great Patriotic War. But the search of the initials' owners will begin without delay. And who knows what it will bring about?! Maybe they will find the soldier, maybe his relatives and maybe no one at all. But in any case, it is worth searching. After all, not in vain did fate send this finding to the searchers.

Meanwhile, yesterday (19.04.2017) all the artifacts were handed over to Orzhytsya Municipal Museum. They will successfully complement the exposure of long-existing exhibition on the Second World War.    


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