Searchers of Platzdarm found a Soviet soldier

The Great Patriotic War has passed long time ago, not all the deceased soldiers are found and reburied. The task of Platzdarm searchers is to find them, to identify the name if it's possible and rebury with military honors. So this day, again at Shuklin field, quite near a busy road in Svyatohirsk our GARRETT 2500 with a deep-earth metal detector gave a clear signal that at first seemed superficial. A spade showed that at the depth of about half a meter there is a helmet of the Soviet sample which is on the head of a soldier of the Red Army. It is this metal object that helped us find him because the Red Army soldier had nothing else big a metal detector could react to. Although there was a sapper shovel, but at great depths one could not notice it. And a German bayonet-knife does not see it either. This place was located approximately between the villages of Dolyna and Bohorodychne of Slovyansk district, right at the place where took place the most terrible battles of World War II. Then everything was according to the rule. The clearing was done by a certified specialist according to all the rules of the Red Cross, photographing, exhumation and putting the bones in a special bag where the remains will be kept until the reburial.

At this place there died a lot of soldiers of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht. Search works will continue.

Now we have with a powerful deep-earth frame which is able to discover small objects even at the bottom of a trench or a dugout. Also, good shovels and diggers with experience. So, we'll keep searching for the people who deceased in all armed conflicts, including ATO. After all, not in vain do we call ourselves volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission, and it obliges to much.  


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