Searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory" became the heroes of the reportage

Recently, the searchers managed to unearth the fragments of the plane during the Second World War. It is reported about by one of newspapers of Zhytomir region:

That during the Second World War in the field outside the village of Shevchenko (Sloboda) during the fighting there fell a burning plane was said by long-term residents. However, the years and decades added to this fact the shade of a legend. Meanwhile, machine operators who conducted fieldwork here from time to time found the remnants of metal similar to the fragments of the plane.

Thus Oleg Grishchuk, Director of "Kamins'ke" LLC took the initiative to put the historical record straight, it is his agricultural entity that works on these lands. Having used the Internet, Oleg Petrovich found an all-Ukrainian public organization of searchers of Ukraine "Union "People's memory" and invited the representatives of the Association of search organizations "Obelisk" who are real professionals in this field, since they repeatly proved successfulness of search works related not only to the events of past wars, but in the ATO zone, to our district.

Last Wednesday, the journalists of "RV" had an opportunity to make sure in what scrupulous and professional way was conducted excavations by four specialists- searchers, namely, Yevgeniy Kukoverov, Alexandr Kukoverov, Igor Slyusar and Nikita Drozhcha.

In the place identified by special equipment at 4-meter depth they managed to discover the blades of the screw part of the combat plane. Step by step, very carefully and gently (like archaeologists work) they dug out the engine too. Yevgeniy Kukoverov, Deputy Director on archival and field search, said that significant help for them was the excavator provided by the agricultural entity and, also, with them there was all the time Petr Polishchuk, the engineer on labour protection of "Kamins'ke" LLC. And yesterday, about 12 p.m. the combat plane of the Second World War in 71 years made again (and already for the last time) an attempt to hit the skies. Actually, from the deep foundation pit it was carefully lifted by Vladimir Gubatyuk with the help of a crane. To see this symbolic moment had the opportunity the representatives of the local and regional authorities, the residents of the village of Shevchenko, the pupils and teachers of Buldychev comprehensive school.

The fragment of the plane will definitely find its place in the historical Museum, perhaps, in Kiev.

However, the search is not finished yet. The representatives of "Obelisk" association are going to work with the archives with the aim of establishing all military history of the plane and even the pilot's name. Since his remains were not discovered, so his fate is still unknown for today. About the search results specialists promised to inform "Romanіvs'kyi visnyk".


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