Searchers of Kakhovka MPC reburied the remains of 15 soldiers

22nd June is the Day of grief and honoring the memory of the war victims in Ukraine.

Every year on this day, the Ukrainian people honor the bright memory of millions of compatriots whose lives were cut short during the Second World War. With grief and pain, it burst into every Ukrainian home, with a bloody line passed through every heart, every destiny...

June 22nd, 2017 was of particular importance for the searchers Kakhovka (Union People's Memory NGO).

On this day, in the village of Zolota Balka (Novovorontsovka district, Kherson Region) there took place a solemn reburial of the remains of 15 soldiers who deceased in February 1944 during the liberation of the village from the Nazis.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of village and district administration, members of ATO, soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces, local residents and members of Sokol Military-Patriotic Club.


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