On such hot weather the present will be just unchangeable. 

Recently, the searchers of All-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" at the sounds of the national Anthem and shots of farewell fireworks  in the village of Borcshev accompanied to the last journey the defenders of Kiev region  who died in September 1941. 

 And today's trip to the village of Borcshev was of quite a different emotional color for us. The 22 nd of June was the Day of sorrow, but today heading to the village of Borcshev, our group was in high spirits: we were able to comply with the request of L. M. Markovich, deputy of the local village Council, having acquired for the kindergarten "Pchelka" such a necessary thing this hot summer as a refrigerator. 

 And here is a new two-compartment refrigerator at the threshold of the pre-school institution. Joy of staff and deputy who provide us with invaluable information support in searching work had no bounds!  And we were glad for the local   kids, whose foodstuff can be stored fresh for a longer period. 

After giving the refrigerator, we drove to the village Council where the chairman L.V. Makarenko handed us a letter of thanks and helped to place in helped to place in massively visited areas of the village our information leaflets containing a request for the local citizens to inform us about known places of unknown burials.

 It goes without saying that we were coming back to Kiev with a sense of fulfilled duty and satisfaction, actively discussing plans regarding further work at the region of "Baryshevsky boiler house". 

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