Searchers found in Novgorod region the boxes with the documents of the encircled soldiers

The searchers from Soletskiy group "Pamyat" have found four boxes with documents of the times of the Great Patriotic War.

As reported in "Dolina" search expedition, two iron and two wooden boxes were found in the funnel not far from Dubki village of Starorusskiy district.

''It is a unique finding, not often searchers can come across something of the kind. The group of searchers of our soletskiy squad "Pamyat" accidentally found them. The funnel is located near the road between the villages of Korovitchino and Velikoe Selo, just in 50 metres away. The boxes were on one other. The iron ones preserved well, wooden ones, unfortunately, partially rotted. Each drawer contains the array of documents, including personal files of the servicemen. One of the iron boxes contains a leather briefcase with papers. To decipher, read and keep these documents there requires help of expert-specialists'', said Anatoliy Polshakov, Deputy of Commanders' Council of "Dolina".

According to searchers, the documents can be dated either August-September 1941, when in this area fought surrounded by our severals units, or autumn 1942, when the Germans started a breakthrough here.


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