Search of the deceased soldiers was a success - Found 16 soldiers of the Soviet army

In August 2017 the searchers of Platzdarm worked at the location in one of the villages of Izum district, Kharkiv Region. There was a lot of work to do and that's why the expedition took five days. During the excavations there were found the remains of 16 soldiers and commanders of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, whose names, unfortunately, could not be established. At the fighters there have not been found any documents or things by which it would be possible to establish their names. There was only one personal identification tag (PIT), but it proved to be empty.

There were many detector signals. There came across pieces of rusty metal on the surface and at the shallow depth. But there were a few long signals with a great share of probability could be considered the possible burial sites of several people. The searchers know if the sound of the metal detector lasts a few meters, it means that this is either a big object or a few pieces of metal scattered in the ground.

And so it was. Almost all particularly long signals in the result became the burial sites of the Red army soldiers. Near them there was a good deal of iron - sapper shovels, soldierly helmets, wheels from the Shpagin machine gun PPSH and the DP 27 light machine gun, and pouches with cartridges to the three-line rifle (the Mosin rifle), elements of gear, pots and some other little things. Also, there were discovered along with them grenades F1, RGD 33, RG 42. It is worth noting that all this was mixed to the extent that to determine the time of death was almost impossible. There met also pieces of heavy equipment - armor, wheels to the DT tank machine gun. There was dug up the hatch of the armored vehicle. From the unusual - one can note that one soldier had an American cent sewn up in a bag which he wore around his neck. 

One soldier had a soldier's button on his shoulder straps and it is possible to argue that this is the period of 1943. We can say with sure - many of them were pulled together to the nearest blindages, craters and trenches after a certain period of time after the death of soldiers, as the bones were not in natural sequence and the traces of heavy shrapnel wounds were absent.                

Just in 5 days there were raised 16 soldiers and commanders of the Red army who will be buried in the mass grave of the village for the liberation of which they sacrificed their lives. 

Oleg Kurinnoy

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