School leavers took part in "Save memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign

17 alumni of Kryvyi Rih school № 91 together with the searchers of Search-Dnipro Squad (Kryvyi Rih) took part in "Save  memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign.

They went to Menzhinka village (Sofiyivka district of Dnipropetrovsk Region), to put in order the mass grave. The alumni trimmed overgrown grass, collected garbage, loosened thoroughly the soil around the monument of the grave and put to the monument fresh flowers. With a minute of silence they decided to honor the memory of their same-age peers – the same pupils who during the Second World War left their home, quitted school, said goodbye to their childhood and went to defend the Motherland.

After cleaning the territory, on one of the nearest glades, the youth also staged a football match dedicated to the memory of Dynamo players who deceased in  summer of 1942. This time, of course, won the friendship.

One should note that one of searchers-old-timers – Alexandr Zelenskiy – spent for those who want a "master class" on work with a metal detector. The pupils were walking with the devices in search of "treasures".

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