Saving the memory about the war in the descendants' hearts

Obelisk Association of Youth Search Organizations (Union People's Memory NGO) continues "Save memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign.

May 4th, on the eve of the Victory Day, the searchers decided to conduct a "Maundy Thursday" on the territory of the Memorial complex of Marianivka village (Kyiv Region). To get the memorial in order helped students of the village school. The children together with the searchers, repainted the monument to the unknown soldier, cleaned up memorial plates and diligently wrote on them with paint the names of the deceased soldiers and officers.

It's nice to realize that the growing generation not only respects the history of their region,but also is able to properly honor the memory of the deceased helping to get in order "changed" by time monuments and memorials of the fallen heroes. The searchers should not be worried for the future, worthy shift grows!  





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