Representatives of Black Tulip met the Volunteer's Day

On the 14th of March, for the first time Ukraine celebrated the Volunteer's Day. The celebration of this date was established on the 17th of January, 2017 by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with the aim of honoring courage and heroism of defenders of Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, assisting to further strengthening of patriotic spirit in the society, increasing public attention and concern regarding the members of the volunteer formations and in support of the initiative of the community.

This day, of course, did not miss the volunteers of Black Tulip Humanitarian mission (Union People's Memory NGO). After all, it's not by hearsay that they know the volunteer's fate.

As far back as in 2014, they decided to help the deceased and the missing in the ATO zone come back home. For the years of work, by the volunteers of Black Tulip there were examined more than 70 settlements, found and taken out the bodies of 808 deceased soldiers. And, unfortunately, these are not the last digits. The volunteers continue their work, risking their lives, they carry out their mission.

The group of Black Tulip volunteers from Slavyansk town of Donetsk Region held a Day of Ukrainian volunteers at the local history museum. Here there gathered the workers of culture, the representatives of public organizations, University and College professors along with students, mass media, as well as volunteers of battalions.

The volunteers shared their stories about the trips to the ATO zone, said about the Humanitarian mission.

The volunteers of the battalions handed over to the museum the artifacts brought from the ATO zone.

In Kakhovka, a group of Black Tulip volunteers held this day at the premises of the universal city library. In the round table on the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Volunteer took part the ATO participants, volunteers, students and pupils.

A volunteer, member of Black Tulip Humanitarian mission Evgeniy told the audience about the activity volunteer mission in the East of Ukraine in the ATO zone and his personal impressions.

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