Remains of two soldiers were found on the vegetable garden

Recently, the members of Search-Dnipro Squad (Union People's Memory NGO) have carried out works on raising the remains of two Soviet soldiers in Lozuvatka village (Kryvyi Rih district of Dnipropetrovsk Region).

The searchers were told about the discovery by a local resident of the village – Sergey Beznosov. He said that they had begun to work in the abandoned garden – and сame across bone remains.   

In the course of carrying out the works, there were discovered the remains of two soldiers. About the fact that they were in the ranks of the Red Army evidenced concomitant objects found with them.

Near one soldier they found a penknife, a lighter and two buttons with a star. Also, there was found a small leather case with metal inserts. What exactly it is is still unknown. Searchers hope that the answer to this question will be given to them later by experts.

Near the remains of the second victim there were only two buttons. Unfortunately, no identification tags near the soldiers were discovered.

When laying bone remains of one of the soldiers on the exhumation banner searchers noticed that he had a broken clavicle, ribs and hip on the left side. And the bones were slightly charred.

They both have severely deformed skulls. It is supposed that the soldiers were thrown back with great force at the blast wave, in the result they got such injuries.    

According to Sergey, the resident of Lozuvatka, the soldiers could decease in October 1943, during the air raid of the Nazis on the village during the Second World War.

The remains of the Red Army soldiers will be in temporary storage in the rural hospital until the moment of solemn reburial at the local memorial.


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