Red Cross supported "Black Tulip"

26 января представители Международного Комитета Красного Креста передали партию технической помощи Гуманитарной Миссии «Черный Тюльпан» (ВОО «Союз «Народная Память»). Волонтеры искренне благодарят международную организацию за своевременную помощь.

Две организации давно сотрудничают друг с другом. Сегодня же, белая машина с красным крестом подъехала к центральному офису «Черного Тюльпана» с ценным грузом.

The off-road vehicle was loaded with tables, chairs, office appliances: printers, scanners, laptops, GPS-navigators. One had to call all volunteers of the office to accept gifts.

Then there were organizational moments in the friendly atmosphere – signing the transfer documents, discussion of further cooperation. At the end there was handshake and exchange of smiles.

In the photo: Piotr Derzhak, the representative of the ICRC and Yaroslav Zhylkin, Head of "Black Tulip"

Knowing that you will always be supported and helped, you may not be afraid of the trials that life sends. "Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission and NGO "Union "People's Memory" are sincerely grateful to the International Committee of the Red Cross!

Now the office and the base of "Black Tulip" will be replenished with necessary things. And thanks to the GPS navigators search works will be carried out in a faster and more effective way.

Volunteers are in full "combat readiness" – mission on search of the missing and the deceased in the ATO zone continues...

For reference:

"Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission on search and removal of the bodies of the deceased in the ATO zone has been working without break since September 2, 2014. During this time there have been examined more than 70 settlements, found and taken out the bodies of 808 deceased soldiers ...

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