In Poland there was discovered a Nazi “time capsule” since 1934

In the Polish town of Złocieniec, a former German Falkenburg, there was discovered a soldered copper cylinder that was laid when building a Nazi training school 80 years ago.

This was reported by press service of the city municipality on its website.

All things have stayed in excellent condition. The archaeologists who opened the cylinder discovered inside newspapers, letters, coins, two books “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler, advertising leaflets of Falkenburg town, and so forth. Almost all the findings date back to 1934.

Among other things, in the capsule they found a letter, written with an indelible pencil. A German officer described the construction of a military school. “Gothic italics” of handwriting was popular in the early 20th century, although at first sight it is absolutely illegible.

After studying, all the things were exhibited in the National Museum in the Polish city of Szczecin.



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