Platzdarm discovered the remains of 6 soldiers

In the period from 23rd to 31st August 2017 the searchers of Platzdarm A. R. M. H. H. (Union People's Memory NGO) conducted reconnaissances in the fields of Bohorodychne village (Sloviansk district, Donetsk Region).     

In the result of three field trips there were discovered 6 of the Red Army. The remains of some of them were partly plowed with agricultural machinery. 

Concomitant things made it clear that the remains belonged to the Soviet army  – fragments of ammunition – found near the remains of the deceased. Besides, there were discovered: sapper shovel, rusty RGD-33 (hand grenade) and 80-mm mine, helmets, German pot, flask, full cutlery set (spoon, fork, knife).

Near the remains of two soldiers there were boxes with cartridges to the Maxim machine gun and a special dispatch-case.

Unfortunately, there was found nothing that would help the searchers identify the deceased heroes.


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