Photo Report of "Cheremkha-2016" (The Carpathians-2016) International Memory Watch

"We built, built..."

Everything started with camp building.

Field kitchen was first to install.

Our stove goes.

 Searchers were helped by the locals who lifted all the necessary with a cart to the mount

Arrival of all participants of "Cheremkha-2016" "The Carpathians-2016" International Memory Watch to Zaroslyak sport base , Ivano-Frankivsk Region.

Searchers are about to hit the road.

One has to go 4 more km to the destination.

For greater convenience, the things of the participants were loaded to special vehicles which delivered all the neccessary to the top.

The expedition participants take with them only what can be neccessary when climbing the Mount Kukul

Towards the searches, conquering the top.

The beginning of climbing to Mount Kukul

Things of searchers hit the road

At the foot of the mount we were met by Dmitriy Semenchuk, a rescue worker of MSRD (Mountain Search-Rescue Department) in Yaremche, the representative of the pyrotechnic service ERDSP (Emergency and Rescue Detachment of Special Purpose) in the SES (State Emergency Service) in Ivano-Frankivsk Region.

He spent a compulsory instruction on safety rules and personally accompanied all groups of searchers to the mountains

"Snow, swelter, torrential rain are not so terrifying to me when my friends are with me..."

The sun deceptively smiled just at the foot of the mount.

On the way we caught heavy rain.

Somebody hid under a raincoat, somebody just soaked to the bone.

But no one stopped

There is left a bit.

We are on the right track!

Wet, tired and hungry we have finally got to the camp.

Fortunately, we were waited for by field kitchen that with its treats suddenly returned all forces lost in not easy way.

...Meanwhile, searchers are trying somehow to deliver things on rain blurred, mountain roads.

The main thing is to get to the destination safe and sound

Our headquarters tent.

Here there were solved all the most important matters regarding work and stay in the expedition

Opening of "Cheremkha-2016" (The Carpathians-2016) International Memory Watch.

The first line-up of all searchers

Ceremonial raising the flag under national anthem of Ukraine

Under the banner of groups of searchers of Union People's Memory NGO

Before going to the search all groups were reminded of the hazards that can expect them during search works in the mountains.

Each of the participants sign in the safety log

Definition of route search, the choice of locations of work

"Not walked is way

And not easy is climb.

But whether you're big or small

Only ahead

For the running day

Like for defensive fire... " 

Before the beginning of digging, it is a compulsory thing is the separation of work areas as well with a special fencing tape

Searchers are engaged in digging of supposed burial site of the deceased soldier.

The main thing is that one should have a good luck both they and he...

When working in the group the main thing is to assign responsibilities and plan the work front

Company for the searchers in the mountains kept local cows which inadvertently interfered with digging.

From time to time young searchers had to guard the territory and chase away animals

At the halt.

The main thing is to eat well and recover strength for further works

One of the most intriguing findings was the remnants of women's shoes.

In such moments it's hard not to think about the destiny of women during the war

Very important is the process of clearing away and exhumation.

One needs to be very careful not to damage the remains of the deceased

The way well-cleared away and prepared for the exhumation the remains of a soldier look.  

Before raising the remains one should compulsory fix the exact location of found person and mark his personal things

One of six-sided stars found at the deceased Austrian officer of the First World War

Medal For Courage of the Austro-Hungarian army of the First World War

Opposite side of the Medal For Courage with a picture of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

"War is war, but lunch is by schedule."

Brass fork found at the deceased soldier of the First World War

Hand grenades of the First World War

More often there came across so-called "Kukurusa" and "Kugel"

Were found in one of the excavation site


German button with the image of the crown of the emperor on the fragment of the rotten uniform jacket

Coins of the First World War

The first finding of the young searcher

Pot for cooking food

Personal amulet of one of the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army

Personal amulet of one of the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army

Cockade of troops of the Russian Empire the First World War

According to the searchers, during the First World War the soldiers did waste pits where they threw out and then digged into all unnecessary.

It's in one of the excavation sites of these pits that there was discovered a heelplate for a shoe of one of the soldiers of the First World War

Opposite side of the mirror with the image of two great emperors of Austria-Hungary

Among many findings fragments of torn hand grenades there was discovered one not broken.

So-called grenade "Kugel" in its finest

Each finding is interesting in its own way.  

No exception is the fragment of a pipe found in one of the excavation sites

In a good condition there was found a flask of the soldier of the Austrian-Hungarian troops

Personal identification tag (PIT, amulet) of one of the soldiers of the First World War

It will be sent for an expert examination for establishing the personality


Fragment of the lattice from а field furnace

When digging one can find anything.

Our searchers often came across glass bottles, flasks, glasses

Amazing finding.

Personal wallet of the deceased soldier.

As one can see in the photo, there is a cross and fragments of a photo in it

Brass cartridges of the Mosin rifle M.

1898 were found in a very good condition.

Gunpowder burns and can explode after 100 years of being in the ground

Our anthropologist and archaeologist are discussing important tasks.

In common work the main thing is the ability to come to an agreement

Conducting the search one should be very attentive.

When digging one come across unexploded ordnance (UXO) that at any moment can explode

Pocket watch of an Austrian officer

A set of tools for full clearing away of the remains

Pectoral Orthodox cross was found near the remains of one of the Russian soldiers

"Getting a star from the sky is easier than earning it..."

Fragments of the purse with a set of spare pips

Sword-belt with a full set.

In the photo one can see: cartridge pouches chock full of ammunition, a bayonet in the cover, sapper spade

Fragments of a folding knife

Fragments of valenki (insoles)

A very important process in the course of conducting search works is marking the remains

In the camp there was built a deponation.

It was the place where they temporary (for the duration of the expedition) put all found remains of soldiers of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian troops of the First World War

Skeletal remains were worked with by our anthropologist Yuriy Dolzhenko, carefully studying all the nuances of bone building.

Even more attention was paid to the pelvic bones and the skull, thanks to which it was possible to determine the sex of the deceased

Work with the remains of the deceased from the deponation.

After studying they were put in special coffins with information inscriptions about the remains

Fixation of data about the remains of the information board

Many artifacts required thorough and very careful cleaning.

Therefore, all results passed into the hands of our respected archaeologist Yuriy Kovalenko

Metal plate of sword-belt of one of the Austrian soldiers

All washed exhibits were placed in the special place for drying, and after that there was their photo-fixation.

Each artifact was numbered and placed in special ziplock bags which protect them from external influence

One of the youngest members of the expedition.

With a metal detector in the hands he goes for a search

Dog by name Nemets became a real friend and helper of all searchers during the expedition in the Carpathians

All search groups that went for a search to the field, were given a lunch

All artifacts found by the searchers were put on our "table of findings"

To get acquainted with the searchers and see interesting findings there came not only the locals, but also tourists

Before going to the mountains, it is very important to get dressed and put on shoes accordingly

Here is such beautiful view accompanied the searchers every day

Summer in the mountains is significantly different from summer in the city

But nature has no bad weather, especially for searchers.

Therefore, the thick fog and dampness do not affect the work effectiveness of of the expedition's members.

Everybody keeps searching

Search of the remains with the help of a dowsing frame (a special tool for diagnostics of various objects, phenomena)

"Fog, fog, gray cover.

Far, far beyond the fog there is war.

There are fights without us, but it is not our guilt

We are chained to the ground with the fog.."

In the process of search of the right location using a compass and GPS program

At the halt

And only with the sunset did everybody come back home

The best and the most efficient way to dry things soaked in the rain – of course sitting around the bonfire.

One can have a rest after a hard search day and at the same time get warm, seeking respite from the humid weather

Cooks of our field kitchen could always feed deliciously and nourishingly.

Banosh was no exception either, for the additional helping of which all searchers came.

No wonder they say that that one who works well – eats well! Especially in the evening, after a hard search day

Finally, the searchers сame back to the camp after a hard day.

                                                                                         Supper is delicious as ever.                                                                                           

For an additional helping!  

Delicious tea from berries and herbs collected in the mountains.

And even better, because made with love from our cooks

Meeting of heads of the search groups and leadership in the headquarters tent.  

Summing up and discussion of passed day, setting tasks for the next one


Studying media technics.

The older generation teaches the younger one.

Preparing a quadrocopter for filming the final search day of the expedition

Carrying out works at the abandoned cemetery of the fallen in action during the First World War.

Installation of the fence

Yaroslav Zhylkin, Chairman of Union People's Memory, races to searchers' rescue

Lifting and installing of the cross at the cemetery

Searchers invited the local priest for conducting сhurch service and memorial service over the deceased soldiers

Common photo near the restored cemetery

Media group visited the searchers

All searchers stopped their works and moved to the other side of the plain of Mount Kukul.

Workers of the State Emergency Service in Transcarpathian Region have to detonate all explosive objects found earlier by searchers

Here is such festive "fireworks" performed by the rescue team of the State Emergency Service

Beautiful view on our tent city

Yaroslav Zhylkin tells Rudana TV channel about conducting "Cheremkha-2016" (The Carpathians - 2016) International Memory Watch

Communication with the locals who came to say about all they know about the possible burial sites of the soldiers of the First World War

Close of "International Memory Watch "Cheremkha-2016" Search Military-Memorial Expedition

On search expedition completion all the participants were congratulated by Yaroslav Zhylkin, Chairman of Union People's Memory NGO.

He noted that searchers had coped with set tasks very well

Evgeniy Kukoverov, Head of the expedition, handed the commanders of search groups, certificates of appreciation and marks of distinction for all team

For young participants of the expedition given signs will be good memory about the trip and perhaps the impetus to become a real searcher

Farewell photo for memory

Night get-together around the bonfire

Farewell evening of searchers

Everything is packed.

Everybody is ready.

One can hit the road home

"There are names and there are the dates -

They are full of imperishable essence.

We are guilty before them in weekdays, -

Not to atone for the guilt on holidays.

And with loud music of doxology

Not to stifle their sacred memory.

And they will live in our offspring

That maybe they'll leave us behind the line"


© D.P. Naidiuk

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