Orzhytsa searchers reburied 4 unknown soldiers

In the Day of Grief and Memory of war victims in Pobedy Park of Orzhytsya urban-type settlement of Poltava Region, there took place the reburial of 4 unknown soldiers.

The servicemen deceased in autumn 1941 when exiting from the environment well-planned by the enemy near Kyiv. Walking away to the East, the soldiers and officers made their way through the German barriers, dying in the lands of Poltava.

The searchers of Memorial NGO (Union People's Memory NGO) found their remains during the expedition in the territory of the village. Unfortunately, no identification tags at the deceased were found. They will remain nameless for us.

The reburial was attended by local residents, mass media and representatives of village and district administration.

There was no funeral prayer for the deceased. The soldiers' remains before the reburial ceremony had been in storage in the local church where there was held beforehand a memorial service for them.   

A moment of silence at the eternal flame. Salvo. Laying flowers to the memorial.

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