Order of the deceased lieutenant was handed over to his relatives

From 23rd till 29th September 2017, in Ivanivka village (Barvinkove district, Kharkov Region) there took place "Barvinkove encirclement -1942" Search Military-Memorial Expedition in which the searchers of Union People's Memory NGO discovered a unique finding– the Order of the Red Combat Banner.

Thanks to the finding they managed to establish the name of the deceased hero, and later find his family in Kyiv.

12th October 2017, at the National Military-Historical Museum of Ukraine there took place a meeting of the searchers with the relatives of lieutenant Gaschenko Grigoriy Grigoriyeevich – his son, granddaughter and great-granddaughter. The meeting was also attended by Igor Maltsev, First Deputy Head of the Ukrainian State Service for War Veterans and ATO Participants, searchers of Union People's Memory NGO and their Director – Yaroslav Zhilkin, museum staff and its Director - Vladislav Taranets, and mass media representatives.




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