Opening of "The Carpathians -2017" All-Ukrainian Search Expedition

Well, here came a long-awaited for all searchers day - opening of "The Carpathians -2017" All-Ukrainian Search Expedition!

The official opening of the search expedition began with the installation of banners of the participating organizations and the ceremony of raising the national flag, performance of the anthem of Ukraine, solemn lining-up of searchers.

All participants were congratulated on the opening of All-Ukrainian Search Expedition by its Head – Yaroslav Aleksandrovich Zhylkin who also outlined the strategic tasks of the search movement of Ukraine, tasks and particularities of work of "The Carpathians-2017". Yaroslav Zhilkin said about the nominations of UPM and a new context for the best artistic photography of the expedition, the winners of which will get valuable prizes.

Evgeniy Kukoverov, Deputy Head of the expedition, informed the participants about the daily schedule and presented to the searchers camp commandant, chief of the medical unit, chief of the field kitchen, lifeguard-mine clearance specialist who will ensure the work of the expedition.

At once after the opening ceremony, at the short meeting, participants were divided into 5 work groups and were assigned work locations. It turned out that this year the works would be carried out on the other side of Mount Kukul, unexplored by searchers before.

Besides, the searchers got acquainted with new methodology of conducting search works. This time the task before the expedition is to look into research work and take the matter from the scientific side: not only to find the remains of the soldiers who deceased 100 years ago, but also to understand HOW the battles were fought on the Carpathian slopes.

A little time for getting ready and we hit the road. The searchers whose work locations were closer went on foot, and those one whose work locations were farther – took GAZ-66.

Despite the fact that the searchers are already at the locations, in the camp the work is also going swimmingly - a summer shower is being built.

There have passed about 3 hours since the field groups began to work. The sun was shining and as they say there were no signs of trouble. But suddenly the sky got covered with dark clouds, and the slopes were flooded by heavy rain. Plus the wind got up. Conducting further works was impossible.

The leadership radioed the searchers, having allowed to act according to the circumstances. So, someone stayed at the workplace, waiting out the bad weather, and someone came back to dry wet things...

There has been raining for a long time. Until the evening.

One can say that the greater part of the day the searchers spent in the camp, hiding in the tents and in the kitchen where one could warm up with hot tea. But all the same, no one sat idle. As soon as from the clouds appeared the evening sun – they took metal detectors and went to the campus territory in search of "memory". And, by the way, successfully. The table of findings for the first day of the expedition has significantly replenished with interesting findings.

Supper is by schedule. After, at the headquarters there took place a meeting of heads of the search groups. There were summed up the results of search works for the day, discussed plans for the next one.

Evening, probably, by tradition, ended in gatherings around the bonfire. Warm end of the first cold expedition's day passed with songs to the guitar.


15 - 22 July 2017, in the administrative boundaries of Verkhovyna, Yaremche, Vorokhta villages of Ivano-Frankivsk Region near Mount Kukul there is held "The Carpathians-2017" All-Ukrainian Search Expedition.

There are planned works on search of unknown burial sites of the First World War, research and studying of found engineering objects, reburial of the remains of fallen soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian, German and Russian armies and the Ukrainians who proved to be in the personnel of these armies.

The expedition is held with support of the State Service of Ukraine for Veterans of War and Participants of Anti-terrorist Operation, in partnership with Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, as well as with support of the Carpathian National Nature Park.

The expedition is participated in by more than 50 representatives of search groups of Ukraine, members of Union People's Memory NGO.


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