In October 2016, the representatives of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission ( NGO "Union "People's Memory") attended a course of lectures of the ICRC

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) heads and coordinates the activity on providing international humanitarian assistance in situations of armed conflicts and violence.

In case of deployment of armed hostilities and conflicts, the organization of works on search of missing persons is a very important task that requires special skills and experience, as well as coordination between specific civil and military structures which differ from the position during a stable situation.

The ICRC annually conducts courses, seminars and lectures around the world, with the help of which teaching people how to protect the suffered and provide them necessary assistance. The most important thing is that the thematics of training courses is always updated because to prepare a person for extreme conditions of work is not so easy, especially when it comes to other people's lives, and sometimes your own.

In Ukraine's capital such training courses are held two or three times a year. These classes are specifically meant for employees of search brigades, for people who work directly with human remains in the ATO zone, as well as contact with relatives of the deceased.

It is already for the 2nd year that the volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission participate in the training courses of the Red Cross. For all time of their work, there were taken out by them from the ATO zone more than 800 bodies of deceased servicemen. One should note that the volunteers certainly do not lack experience. But as they say, there is no limit for perfection. Especially in such a difficult matter. Because the more you have to work in the combat zone – the more difficult it becomes with each time – both physically and mentally. The ICRC courses help develop and improve the skills of search works, preparing volunteers in advance for different kinds of situations.

So, in autumn 2016, the representatives of NGO "Union "People's Memory" – the volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission came again to gain experience from the professionals of the ICRC.

This time, the classes were aimed at studying stress and dealing with it. After all, one may have to calm the injured soldier on whose eyes his comrades-in-arms deceased or the parents of one of the victims who deceased in the ATO zone, and possibly in a state of stress will be your friend who arrived together with you to help others… For each of cases, it is necessary to find an individual approach. Highly-qualified specialists taught our volunteers to get rid of nervous tension, lest additional psychological damage should be caused either to themselves or the injured. It is very important to be able to control your own emotions, in order to cope then with the emotions of the others, especially under the influence of stress and people.

"The struggle with your own self is the biggest and the hardest battle. We gradually accumulate all stress and do not feel how then we splash it out on our loved ones – friends and foes. That is why, these courses are very helpful and essential, especially for people who want to work in this field and not to cause themselves and the others psychological traumas", shares his thoughts Alexey Yukov, a participant the ICRC courses, and a representative of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission.

For all participants, the given topic of the courses became very timely and useful for the future. With the help of especially developed methods of teaching, our volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission and the other class participants, among whom there were the representatives of the National Police and servicemen have learned to effectively and cohesively work in difficult conditions of the antiterrorist operation.

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