Not only search "Platzdarm'' is famous for

From the 17th till the 20th of November in Truskavets town of Lvov Region there took place the World Championship of khorting in which our searchers from the Association of Researchers for Military-Historical Heritage "Platzdarm", Slavyansk town, (NGO "Union "People's Memory") took part.

Khorting is a national combat sport which was officially recognized as a kind of sports in August 2009. The word "khorting" derives from the name of Khortytsia island where Zaporozhian Sich was situated. This kind of sports is positioned not only as martial art, but also as a system of complex physical training, self-perfection, moral, spiritual and cultural upbringing, approaching to the Ukrainian traditions.

Guys went to the competitions with Alexey Ukov, the main coach and friend. He is not only Head of "Platzdarm" search group, but also the President of the Khorting Federation in Slavyansk town of Donetsk Region. Alexey coached guys in Boets fight club which he established together with his friends-searchers many years ago. "Workouts allow to develop both body and spirit of fighters. Regular exercises help not only keep fit, but also clarity of mind. The one and the other is very important in search activity," said Alexey.

The club hosts training on many kinds of martial arts, and its pupils repeatedly took part in competitions, taking the first places. This year, three searchers-sportsmen decided to compete for individual championship in khorting.

The World Championship was participated by 450 persons, among whom could be seen not only adult men and women, but also children.

The competitions on khorting were held in different stages: demonstration performance, fight etc. Our volunteers performed in the direction of "duel meet".

One should note that the guys had a hard time. First, for the day there passed 3 or 4 battles, and secondly, they came under the category 18+ where they had to enter the field with the candidates who are older and more experienced than they are.

"This is not a barrier for us. For us it is more like a priority. The most important thing in every competitions is neither rewards, nor medals, the main thing is experience!" says Alexey Yukov, the main coach.

Nevertheless, two of three searchers were able to win prize places and bring home silver and bronze medals. Experience is experience, but with a reward is more pleasant. It is very pleased that the volunteers of NGO "Union "People's Memory" prove themselves in other directions and very successfully. This once again proves that our searchers are masters "of all trades", and no matter what kind of task is before them, they will compulsory cope with it.

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