Near Oleshki there was found an unknown soldier

The unknown soldier was found... right on the road. Sergey Mynkin, leader of the group ''Kherson'' group of military-historical club "Kakhovka", was called by the witnesses and told about strange-looking bones on the dirt road between the villages of Peschanoye and Podstepnoye of Oleshki district. 13 searchers went to the place and found the makeshift grave of a soldier of the times of the Second World War. He was taken away the rifle, took off the shoes, then he was put into the funnel from the shell or bomb and hastily threw with the earth. Then at this place, the peasants have knurled the road. Due to the rain and wind and pressure of the wheels, a layer of earth deformed and shifted over time, once again haved exposed human remains.

''There is hope to establish the identity of the deceased soldier of the Red Army. In fact, in addition to flasks, lighters and dangerous razors near him there was found a party membership card. The paper book has partially smoldered away, but on one of the pages one was able to recognize the name of its owner and a few letters of the surname'', says Sergey. ''Perhaps, the experts will manage to restore it completely'', do not lose hope Sergey Mynkin. Request to all not indifferent inhabitants of Kherson region: if you have any information about the location of such places of burial, call me personally. The group "Kherson" will compulsory study such places and the soldiers of the past war will finally find peace — they will be reburied accordingly. Contact phone number 050-920-28-11.

Besides, at Poiyma station of Oleshki district, the group "Kherson" discovered the traces of the barbaric activity of black archeologists who have also dug out the place of burial of the Second World War on the site of the former battle. No respect did the pirates from archaeology show for the fallen soldiers: the found three legs, a fragment of the skull and the bones of the skeleton they just put in a plastic bag and... left it lying in the sand. The searchers took away the remains of the unknown soldiers and handed them over to Oleshki city Council for burying with all the honors. The artifacts from the places of burial also received the local museum.

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