Near Kovel an excavator "found" a mass grave


Near Kovel an excavator "found" a mass grave.

An unrecorded mass grave of victims of the Second World War was found by the searchers from Kovel town in Volyn Region. In the administrative boundaries of Dubovoyoe village of Kovel district during the development of the sand quarry a bucket crashed into a layer of pressed soil depth with human bones. According to the photos, which were handed over to the Secretariat of Union People's Memory all-Ukrainian public organization, earth works were stopped not at once and the burial place has undergone significant damage what is direct violation of the Act of Ukraine "On cultural heritage protection".

On Thursday, 13 April 2017, to the burial place will arrive the commission in the staff of which there will be Michael Vasheta, Chief of the Department of the Regional Local History Museum who will represent Union People's Memory All-Ukrainian Public Organization of Kovel, a searcher-explorer Gennadiy Gulko, who has engaged for many years in archival and field studies of mass grave sites of victims of fascism in the vicinity of Dubovoyoe village, the representatives of district and village administration and police.

The Commission is planning to draw up act of the discovery and partial destruction of the burial site, and also preparation of recommendations on its future examination and decent reburial of the remains.

We will notify our readers about the results of the commission's work in the near future.

Press service of Union People's Memory all-Ukrainian public organization 

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