To make peace at the graves...

From the 3rd till the 6x of October, 2016 the delegation of "Union "People's Memory" took part in the search expedition in Germany.

To make peace at the graves... More than 70 years have passed since the end of World War II which brought much grief to both warring parties. Grief and losses. We gained the victory in that war and the Germans gained wisdom. They found the strength to apologize to the world. Their fighters are not rewarded with honors and do not have honorary ranks. But the German people remember their deceased countrymen, and the missing, they still try to find and rebury. During the numerous expeditions the German searchers also find the Soviet fighters. They treat them with no less respect than their own. To the annual search expedition along with the famous and sadly known Seelow Heights are repeatedly invited the searchers of "Union "People's Memory". This year it happened too. Unforgettable aquaintances, impressions and emotions waited for us in Germany. We have what to say and show.

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