In Kryvyi Rih opened the office-museum of searchers

At last, the searchers of Search-Dnipro (Union People's Memory NGO) have a place where they will solve the most important issues, plan their field reconnaissances and expeditions, receive visitors and just gather together, so to speak in the family circle for discussing work moments.   

Yesterday, 26х June 2017, in the city of Kryvyi Rih, the searchers opened an office!!!

Although to call it just an office will be wrong. This is a large spacious room in which there was a place not only for a couple of desks with working computers, but also a variety of exhibits of World War II period.

It came out a big exhibition, or something like a small museum. In any case, no matter how to call it – everything was very impressive. It is seen that the searchers did their best.

Before crossing the threshold of the new office, Evgeniy Kukoverov, COO on field and archival search of Union People's Memory, together with Anatoliy Zolotariov, Head of Search-Dnipro Squad solemnly cut a "red ribbon".

The first "guests" of the office were pupils and graduates of Kryvyi Rih schools № 90 and 91 with their teachers.    

Most guys are the members of Sokoliata Volunteer Squad which has been cooperating for many years with the searchers. Young people often take part in the expeditions of Union People's Memory NGO, help in different events and campaigns. Sokolyata gradually gain experience, so to say, and continue the work of searchers.

Also to the opening of the office came the workers of Kryvyi Rih Lore Museum. They were pleasantly surprised at the presented exhibition. After all, wherever you look – interesting findings and artifacts: ammunition of both sides (Soviet and German), weapons and equipment, photos and letters, dishes, even an old phone or bike... The room was literally filled up with "interesting things".

Everyone had the chance to discover something new and unique. Somebody stood near the finding for a long time, carefully studying it, and somebody followed the searchers – asking one or the other question about this or that artifact.

To say that everybody was satisfied means to say nothing.

Kryvyi Rih searchers are happy that now they have such an office, the first visitors will definitely be under impression from the seen exhibition for a long time.

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