In Krivoy Rog they celebrated the liberation of Inguletskiy district from Nazi invaders

On the 2nd of March, in "Ridnokray" Inguletskiy Center for Сhildren and Youth Art (ICCYA) of Kryvoy Rog there took place an event dedicated to the liberation of Inguletskiy district from Nazi invaders.

On this day the assembly hall has gathered more than 150 people. The majority of them was students of Inguletskiy district's schools who came here with their parents and teachers.

Also, there took place a concert of dancing and vocal groups of ICCYA.

An active part in the event took the members of NGO "Union "People's Memory" - HPC "Search-Dnieper". The searchers presented the exposition dedicated to World War II, told the audience about their activity and acquainted with all exhibits.

Fragments of accroutment of Soviet and German soldiers, utensils, weapons quickened interest of young people.

All interested people could take a photo for memory with artifacts and the searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory".


For five years of existence of NGO "Union "People's Memory" to the museums of our country the searchers have handed over 24704 exhibits and artifacts of the period of the First and Second World Wars. "People's Memory" was the organizer and participant of 49 interregional search memory watches and 26 international ones. In the result of done work, the searchers have found and reburied the remains of more than 6 136 servicemen, 738 civilians, 1965 victims of political repression. For the years of work we have managed to establish the names of 902 soldiers. Not less important is the fact that we managed to find the relatives of 90 deceased soldiers.

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