In Kakhovka they held a round table dedicated to the Victory Day

April 22nd, at the initiative of Kakhovka Military-Patriotic Club (Union People's Memory NGO) in the session hall of Kakhovka Town Council there was held a round table on the topic "Kakhovka bridgehead. Berislav-Kahovka crossing in 1941-1943" dedicated to the forthcoming Victory Day.

The event was attended besides searchers by pupils of town schools,V.V. Fedchenko, Deputy mayor, and V. A. Zubkov, Head of the Department for Youth  and Sports.

Anatoliy Obelets, a distinguished member of Kakhovka Club made a welcome speech. He told the audience about little-known but, nevertheless, very important events of World War II that happened on the territory of present Kherson Region. The searcher specifically drew attention at the battles for the capture of Kakhovka bridgehead by the Germans at Nikopol and Kherson bridgehead in front of a bridge. At these places the searchers of Kakhovka MPC annually conduct their reconnaissances and expeditions from time to time finding the remains of deceased soldiers in those days. 

Of particular interest at not indifferent Kahovka citizens was the report of Alexey Obelets which was followed by a presentation of unique photoes dedicated to the events in Kakhovka – Berislav-Kahovka pontoon ferry, Kahovka defense by units of the Red Army, etc. Also, there were demonstrated unique fragments of German newsreel connected with the crossing of Kakhovka.

At the end of the report interested people had the opportunity to ask questions to the searcher and "touch" history, having looked through the artifacts found during carrying out the search works in Kherson Region, in particular in the area of Kakhovka.


Not every resident of Kakhovka town knows that in the favorite place for rest, namely in Sosnovy Bor, from 31st August till 2nd September, 1941, there was fierce fighting. Losses of the Red Army in the battles for Kakhovka and present lands of Kakhovka district on 9th September, 1941 amounted to 24 thousand people. Half of them is dead and wounded, the other half is still listed as missing...


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