Kakhovka Military-Patriotic club opens a search season

Anually, on the eve of the day of Kherson's liberation from Nazi invaders, in Kherson bridgehead there gather all search groups of the region for search and further reburial of the remains of the servicemen deceased in the battles for the city's liberation.

This year was not an exception.

On March 12th, to Kherson bridgehead there came more than 30 researchers from different localities of the region.

The main participants of the event were the members of Kherson search group, and the searchers of Kakhovka Military-Patriotic club and Search-West HPO (Union People's Memory NGO).

During the search works there was found unexploded ordnance (12 items), namely, shells and mines with caliber from 75 to 120 mm. The ammunition of the Second World War was given to the State Emergency Service for further destruction.

This time one did not manage to find the remains of the deceased soldiers. But this is only the beginning of the season. The most important thing is that the examined territory was managed to "neutralize" - to clear away from explosive items that, God forbid, people could come across.

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