Inter TV-channel prepared a special project for the Day of Kiev's liberation from Nazi invaders

The day after tomorrow, 6 November, there will 73 years since Kiev's liberation from Nazi invaders' troops. Inter TV-channel has created a documentary special project, namely, film 778 days without friendlies in commemoration of the date.

The basis for the script of the film, which was created by the team of the program "Utro s Interom'', was the memories of witnesses and the occupational diary of Irina Khoroshunova, 28-year-old citizen of Kiev who saw in her own eyes the events of those days and described everything in detail on the pages of a commonplace-book.

"We will tell the unique stories of people who lived through those terrible years. In the film there is very little narration and a lot of real memories. It is a living story that we will not let die. We have no right for that. Especially in our time. The horrors of occupation is not just a story from the past, this is the truth about the present. About the fact that between the division of people on sorts and their murder is just one step." - said Anton Nikitin, the chief editor of the TV-channel and one of the authors of the film.

The documentary film makers also believe that one should not keep silence about the horrors of the past for our children not to become either victims or executioners or indifferent observers.

We will remind that on 6 November 1943, the troops of the 1st Ukrainian front under the command of General Vatutin entered liberated from Nazi invaders Kiev. Out of 400 thousand people who stayed in the occupied city, the liberators were met by only 180 thousand citizens of Kiev. The third by population Soviet city became almost extinct.

Kiev has lived in the occupation for 778 days. During this time, the Nazis tortured in the Gestapo's torture chambers, they hanged and shot over 150 thousand people. Over 100 thousand were deported to hard labor to Germany. Instead of once beautiful city on the Dnieper stayed only a point on the map.

In the film there will also be reflected the tragedy of Babiy Yar since the moment of which 75 years have passed. The histories of this and the other crimes, committed by the Nazis and their henchmen in Kiev, became the leitmotif of the film.

The events of those years will go before the audience in the shots of the Soviet and German chronicles, in the memories of Kiev citizens, in the comments of historians. Before the face of mortal danger, every person makes his own choice: someone greeted the invaders with bread and salt, someone hid the doomed to death. People went underground, pulled through the shooting, tried to hand over some food to the camps, risked their lives becose of children and for saving other people. Someone was just indifferent.

The documentary special project 778 days without friendlies will go on the air November 5 at 10:10 a.m. on Inter TV-channel.




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