How to interest a child in history

The exhibits of the war time and the stories of people, who have been to the ATO zone, will be quite a good alternative to computer games.

For today before many parents there is no more difficult choice: how to reasonably and helpfully organise the child's leisure time after school classes. Sections, courses and trainings are more than enough. Specialists will easily analyze the ability of your offspring, elicit his potential and the right and chose a right direction for him.

However, the vast majority of specialists for some reason forget about the fact that a child should be cultivated in love of his native land, its history. For some reason, Patriotic sections in this country, what is called, are not out of trend.

Although, exceptions do exist. For example, last week in Kakhovka on the occasion of the Day of Liberation from Nazi invaders, the local representatives of NGO "Union "People's Memory" organized an excursion to the Military-Historical Museum for the pupils of Kakhovka school No. 1.

"The tour guide for the children was Vladimir Fedchenko, Deputy Commander of the military-historical club "Kakhovka" who said about the work of searchers on the territory of the Nikopol bridgehead where during the Second World War for several months there has continued violent opposition of our compatriots against the Nazi occupiers. Separately, he touched upon the topic of crossing the Dnieper river near our town, forcing which deceased many Soviet soldiers. That is why in our "pines" where the citizens of Kahovka got used to have a rest and arrange picnics, researchers still find the remains of our soldiers'', says Evgeniy Kishkin, a representative of the club, member of "Black Tulip" mission who recently came back from the ATO zone.

According to him, the excursion did not leave the young visitors cold. They not only attentively listened, looked, took their pictures with the exhibits and showed interest and curiosity, asking the adults a variety of questions. And a week later MHC "Kakhovka" greeted new visitors, that is, the representatives of the Department for children of Kakhovka town Council, pupils and teachers of the other schools of Kakhovka.


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