"He came back home from a combat mission..."

73 years later the remains of the Ukrainian pilot have finally found peace in the native land

November 14th, 2016 at Zaporozhskoye cemetery of Dnieper city there took place a farewell and a solemn burial of Lieutenant Mikhail Ivanovich Taranenko.

One should recall that during the Russian search works in 2005, by the group "Severo-Zapad" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) there was found the wreckage of the aircraft of the times of the Secondary World War, among which they found the remains of the aviator. In the result of the archival work and research it was established that the fighter aircraft had been piloted by Lieutenant Mikhail IvanovichTaranenko. A native of Dnepropetrovsk city has been in the lists of the missing for many years, and now he was waited for by the long journey homecoming.

It was not until many years later that they were able to find the relatives of the deceased one, contact them and make an appointment. At the beginning of October 2016, the relatives of the pilot and the representatives of NGO "Union "People's Memory" were meeting his remains at Kiev railway station.

And now, in his native town, in his native land, the deceased one has finally found eternal rest.

The burial ceremony was attended by the representatives of squad "Search-Dnieper" (NGO "Union "People's Memory"). There came the pupils of city schools, as well as all other inhabitants of the city who are not indifferent to the fate of the pilot.

This day the relatives could not help coming, that is, the niece of the pilot and his grandchildren. They have dreamed for so long to push the matter through, namely, to find, return and bury in a decent way their relative, their hero. And here this hour has come...

To honor the fallen hero came the cadets of Dnieper Lyceum with intensive physical training.

Under volleys of salute, performed by the border guards of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, in Dnieper city the pilot M. I. Taranenko was accompanied to the last journey.

"The sky, you are joy and you're our sorrow,

The sky is happiness of flight, but sometimes

In the sky, wings break,

And the Earth hides forever sons..."

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