Happy Independence Day, friends and colleagues!

Today our country celebrates the 26th anniversary of the Independence declaration! 

For all history of existence as a sovereign state it's been through a lot. Especially, its people. Especially, over the recent 4 years... 

The tests of strength, civil maturity, patience, common sense and so on were followed by tests of faith ... and again in a circle. Faith in the best both for yourself, your loved ones, and for all citizens of Ukraine.    

Independence, sovereignty, freedom ... for us, searchers, these are not just beautiful or pretentious words. Almost every day we find mainly the remains of nameless heroes who sacrificed for these values absolutely everything they had – their destinies and their lives. Hundreds of thousands of them are still neither found nor decently buried. But the memory about them imposes obligations for present and future generations of the Ukrainians.                 

So, sincere congratulating all searchers, like-minded people and fellow citizens on the Independence Day of Ukraine! Wishing you good health and prosperity, peace and understanding, aspiration to unity, common light future to us!

"Union "People's Memory", 2017

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