Eight more volunteers of "Black Tulip" are awarded

Today in Kyiv, in the House of Officers of Ukraine there took place the award of volunteers of the country with Medal of the Ukrainian President "For humanitarian participation in the anti-terrorist operation". 

This Badge is established by the government as gratitude to the volunteers for their selfless help in difficult time for the country.  

The awards were given to more than sixty volunteers of Ukraine, among which eight volunteers of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission. The merit badges to the searchers were solemnly handed by General-major Oleg Valkiv, a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.    

After the ceremony, the volunteers of "Black Tulip" visited the National Military- Historical Museum of Ukraine. Its Director, Vladislav Vladimirovich Taranets, conducted an excursion of searchers.

Special attention was drawn to the exhibition dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers in Eastern Ukraine. As noted by the Director of the museum, a large number of exhibits presented at the exhibition, was brought by the searchers of Union People's Memory from the ATO zone. 

Union People's Memory NGO sincerely congratulates the searchers on award!

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