Echoe of the war (excavations on the First World War)

In France, near Carsprach town during road repair works there was accidentally found a war tunnel where the grenade stopped the time in 1918, having killed 21 soldiers. Now the soldiers' bodies are being digged out for identification.

A sensational discovery of the First World War!

According to archaeologists, the lives of 21 German soldiers ended abruptly in March 1918, when in their trench exploded a grenade. The tunnel having 16 exits and the length of 125 meters, was preserved so well because it is located 6 meters under the ground. 

Thanks to the fact that neither light nor water could get inside, the soldiers' bodies got conserved at the time of death.

Near the bodies there were weapons, helmets, bottles with wine and more, with preserved letters, newspapers! And this is in 94 years after the accident! One of the soldiers is still sitting on the bed, his friend lies on the floor - he has just fell down the stairs.


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