In Dnipropetrovsk Region there will take place "Liberation of Kryvbas " Military- Memorial Expedition

A year ago "Liberation of Kryvbas" Search Military-Memorial Expedition was participated in by more than 60 searchers, among which there were 27 school children. During the week there have been found the remains of 5 soldiers of the Wehrmacht, 45 soldiers of the Red Army. Many artifacts of the Second World War, discovered during the expedition, were handed over to the museums of Ukraine.

But in autumn 2016, the searchers discovered a mass grave of 35 soldiers of the Red Army near Vysoke Pole village (Dnipropetrovsk Region). Back in 1944, at this place there were fierce battles of the Nikopol-Kryvyi Rih Offensive, in which only missing up to this time are listed thousands of soldiers.         

Search reconnaissances, conducted during the year, give every reason to believe that the area requires further investigation and a new expedition is needed.   

So from 5th till 12th August 2017 not far from Vysoke Pole village (Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk Region) there will take place the second All-Ukrainian Search Military-Memorial Expedition "Liberation of Kryvbas".   

This time the expedition will be participated in by more than 70 people, most of whom will be the younger generation, the representatives of youth search squads of Ukraine!

One should note that the upcoming expedition will be different from that of last year.  

The main aim of this year is not only to try to find unknown burial sites of soldiers, but to approach in a complex way the study of the areas where took place the armed hostilities of World War II – to thoroughly examine and mark on the map all the identified artifacts, fortification and graves.

The works will be carried out using techniques of criminology and geophysics forming the basis of the future industry of general archaeology under the title "Archaeology of wars".

The expedition will be conducted with the support of the State Service of Ukraine for War Veterans and ATO Participants, local authorities and self-government.

To take part in the expedition are invited journalists of Ukrainian and foreign mass media!

Union People's Memory NGO will provide mass media representatives with meal and accommodation, the matter of fare compensation is under consideration.  

You will have the opportunity to shoot unique photo- and video content!

For additional information, please call:

+380682015506 or +38 050 974 83 41



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