Diary of All-Ukrainian search military-memorial expedition “Liberation of Krivbass”

10.08.2016 Day №6 (working day №5)


One may not light a candle for health, but for repose of the soul one may not either.

 I got an ordeal to be neither dead nor alive.

 And having taken off into the embraces of eternity like a bird over the river.

We were missing in the battles without finding peace in the ground. 


For more than seventy years the relatives had been waiting for some piece of news from them, believed in their coming back from the war and did not lose a hope for a meeting soon. Their names are not yet inscribed into the heroic chronicle of the Second World War because they are still considered missing. 

Just, by pallid nameless statistics, neither alive nor falling in action who did not come back from the battlefields. They are still leading their invisible battle with obscurity for the right to be called by their names, having found eternal and long-awaited res

In Dnepropetrovsk region under the auspices of all-Ukrainian public organization “Union “People's Memory” there is going on the search expedition “Liberation of Krivbass 1944-2016”. 

During the liberation of the region from German-Nazi invaders in 1944, the battles for the steading of Vysokiy of Sofievka district became a turning point of Nikopol-Krivoy Roh Offensive. At that moment, in the fierce fighting at this beachhead, the whole country's future fate hung in the balance.

For two month of offensive actions the enemy force was defeated, however, this significant victory was gained at a huge cost - 40 thousand laid down lives and broken destinies. According to historical records, only 5 thousand out of them were officially recognized as victims in those battles, the main part is still considered missing.

5 working groups consisting of 60 searchers, among whose there are 27 school children from Krivoy Roh every day find “pieces of news from the war”. 

During the searches, there is always a huge number of war artifacts and traces of armed hostilities.

The last and, according to the searchers, very rare finding became a copper radiator “Detroit” from a truck. 


And the main reason why we have all gathered here, by our activists there were discovered and raised the remains of 20 soldiers of Red Army and four soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Unfortunately, one could not discover any personal identification mark – “dog tag” at our soldiers, unlike enemy soldiers. 

The only good fortune and at the same time a hope for identification is a found among the remains of war military numbered Medal For Battle Merit. 

Krivoy Roh land continues to reveal its secrets to our guys and gives out reminders of 72-year old period, gradually returning our soldiers from obscurity.

Our staff received again the information from the locals about the place of burial of the deceased soldier at one of the plots of land of the village. Without wasting a second, we went to the indicated spot and spoke to people who have this very important data. 

Unfortunately, the direct participant and witness of those events is no longer alive, but the neighbors said that during the armed hostilities by the local resident there had been found our deceased soldier.

He was interred in the hope that the time will come and it will be possible to identify him and return to his relatives. For some reason this indicated spot was of no interest for search organizations in those days. For 72 years he has waited for his fate, as well as his relatives hoped for his coming back for all these years.

Alas, his name is unknown, when working at this location, among the remains there was discovered nothing but the cap from the “dog-tag” without the basic unit and contents.

Also there were found the fragments of a great-coat and a soldier's blouse, “asterisk” on the military head covering, a knife, buttons, a belt, the remnants of the holster, a pencil and the remnants of the rhomb-buttonhole of junior lieutenant.

For us he became soldier № 21who has been found and raised. According to the preliminary conclusion of Yuriy Anatoliyevich, our searcher-anthropologist, our soldier is more than 50 years of age.

It is a thousand pities that we will not be able to inscribe into the heroic chronicle one more name of someone's father, brother, grandfather or great grandfather. Maybe his relatives are still looking for him, believe and hope that one day they will be able to come to his inscribed grave and bow low to their Hero for his exploit. Soon our Hero will find his eternal rest, along with the other soldiers of the war, the remains of whose who were found during our search expedition.

The expedition is going on, there is one more day left, we hope that it will bring good luck to all of us and we will be able to discover, raise and return more than one missing Hero who performed his exploit in the name of life on earth, an exploit in the name of the future and our present.

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